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Why a community?

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zja2 and I were talking last night and telling each other of our trials and tribulations, mainly of the medical kind, and then I had said "wow, you know, I should just knock off the bitching."

But bitches need spoons too sometimes.

Well, a lot of the time.

And thus this community was born from our brains. A support group, and sometime proverbial "sewing and plotting" circle.

This is a place to feel free to gripe, bitch and moan about the medical problems, the doctors, the ANYTHING, without feeling like you are being a whiner or a loser.

We are strong women, but sometimes even the strongest women will get worn away and we need some support.

<3 to all,
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On September 3rd, 2007 04:28 am (UTC), mahakali commented:
Re: I need your colours ladies
Seriously, black is my color. I know, I'm a psycho-betty/goth at heart :)
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