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Chemo #6

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It's funny how many people have congradulated me on the fact that yesterday was the last round of chemo. What people don't seem to realize is that it *started* the last round of chemo, which means I still have 3 weeks of being sick, needing spoons and support to go. It ain't over until the fat lady sings, and the hair grows back.

I was at the office entirely too early. They got my chart confused with someone else's and gave me a scare that I suddenly owed a lot of money and insurance was now only covering 80% of treatment. After a few moments I insisted the receptionist double check my chart, and sure enough, smoeone else with the same last name had slipped in.

I was informed I would be able to simply go back to my sheduled appointment early, since I had come in when someone else had cancelled. Problem is, I didn't have time to put on the emla cream they gave me to numb the mediport access in my chest. I got to take the needles full bore. Fun!

The nurses were okay as usual, though they wouldn't give me a private room. Apparently I need a male escort in order to score such a blessing. This time was my first time out in the "pit" with about 10 other chemo patients. I couldn't draw without someone asking me "Oh you draw?" or a nurse walking by telling me I looked flushed and tired. Well no shit, I've been up since 3am, I'm violently allergic to the taxotere, and therefore pumped full of Benadryl which makes me drowsy. The redness is the only visible sign that I'm still allergic to the chemo drugs. We've done this the last 6 rounds now, and it hasn't changed. And no, I don't want a pillow to sleep. I don't like the idea of passing out in a room full of strangers, even if I could. Even with drugs I'm a light sleeper, and not fond of being in a room full of strangers.

After it was all over (1pm, far earlier than I had aniticpated) I went and hung out in the café under twbubbles new office, until they locked up at 4. Ater that, it was a sit outside in the shade with some overly friendly ladybugs and yellow jackets. Finally, she was off work and we returned to her place where the cramps began. I haven't had these cramps since the first round of chemo, and though I was able to control them enuogh to prevent me from having too many issues, (like tossing my cookies) it did make hanging out more difficult. Finally, I pled "owie" and went home.

It was weird, because people kept congratulating me on it being my last round. Problem is, I still have to get through it, and though I may have a brief respite at the end of October, I won't be out of the woods until well after Christmas. I still have a core biopsy (those suck) to go, a genetic test to wait on, and based on the results, either a mastectomy (one or both boobs) or radiation to go through. I've already realized my plans for Christmas/NYE are shot, and I'm pretty much going to be stuck here this year, again. I had really wanted to go do something special to make up for last's years fiasco. Ah well... I suppose having radiation done Christmas Day will give me something intresting to tell my family.
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On October 6th, 2007 07:25 pm (UTC), zja2 commented:
Most people just don't get ongoing issues. The army sure as shit didn't. They couldn't see it, and didn't understand not having a cure.

Treatment doesn't make things all better. It's something I wish I could beat into people's heads.

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