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Zofran vs. Genric

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If you have taken this drug 8mg, sublingual (Under the tongue dissolveable)- takes like cotton candy from Hades.

It's a drug they made for chemo, or rather so patients would not feel so nauseated during the process ... and since drug companies are run by Satan, wicked expensive.
Well, they now have a generic - fabulously less on the pocket book-

However, I am uncertain that it is as effective.

Can anyone else ring in?


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On October 8th, 2007 01:28 am (UTC), canuckdesz commented:
Chiming in... so far the only easy-on-the-pocketbook anti-nausea med I have found that works is Lorazepam, generic for Ativan. It's not even that bad under the tongue. The only downside is it's a sleep-aid and anti-depressant, which seems like overkill. But it does work.

I've tried Compozine and it's generic which worked not a jot. That's all I got, coming from the chemo section of Spoon-town.
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On October 8th, 2007 02:53 am (UTC), lotus_rua replied:
Colour me Suprised
Ativan, for nausea, sublingual. It would depress the nervous-systems response but ... wow ... is this a more recent protocol change?

Compazine is a huge joke, Reglan is better (but still not enough unless they piggy back it with the time elapse with the next zofran and promethanzine is like eating a pez dispenser.
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On October 8th, 2007 02:56 pm (UTC), zja2 commented:
Can't help at all. The only anti-nausea I've been on is Phenergan (which is an anti-psychotic as well...)and that was orally digested.
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